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Tuesday 30th of October of 2012
16:58:07+ Pm

Into the sunset…
By Adnaly "Jai~Ly"

Days have passed by…
long or short as they are,
my love for you is more lasting
than the sunrise or sunset of each day.

I wish that I could portrait a Caribbean sunset
with you in it and it'd not do enough justice…
for such beauty adds it up to your own love.

But no picture can compare…
for I'm always in awe and dazzled by your beauty,
and I know for certain that my love's pure for you.

Take my hand and walk with me into the sunset…
trust that I'll not let go for I love you so.
It is a free verse of something that came to my mind today ;) as part of a request and my muse came back to me to make such a lovely piece. Leave your comments and if you like you can contact me for its usage :)
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October 30, 2012
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